Josh Black


Everyone experiences transitions, ups and downs, love and turmoil, where even the most trivial of changes can at the time feel momentous. In effort to process these changes we attempt to contemplate, often neurotically, how they impact our lives.

My work is a visual stage for introspection; a response to events I experience. The better we can process and think through these situations, the better we can understand how to deal with the effect they will have on our lives.  I make objects, environments and installations whose goal is to provide a space that induces clarity.

I build the environments specifically to fulfill a need for myself, but find that the spaces are frequently, though not always, one’s that others can also gain a similar benefit from.  In either case, the viewer being aware of my intent for the space hopefully encourages him or her to think further about their own spatial needs when going through periods of self-reflection, stressing the importance of one’s own environment and activities when going through trying times.

The material choice in my work also caters to the specific time in my life, influenced by the region I reside in or recently traveled through. Many of the environments I construct contain objects that almost border on the cliché, such as placing a yoga mat in a space designed for contemplation. However, I find these materials often fulfill their clichéd function (possibly due to some level of societal conditioning), such as using car air-fresheners as a means to reduce unwanted olfactory input that could interfere with my will to not be distracted in any sensory capacity. As such distractions are rampant in one's daily life, I find that creating a refuge from them in the pursuit of clarity is a practice that has served me in the past, and one hopefully others too will be able to learn from.